AquaVida Ionic Foot Detox

Purpose:       To remove toxins and balance the body

Dynamics:     Increases Circulation
                  Increases Energy Levels
                  Increases Metabolism
                  Improves PH balance
                  Increases Organ and Gland Function

Questions and Answers

Q   How do toxins accumulate in our bodies?
A   Our bodies are exposed to toxins from our environment.  Sources
can be industrial chemicals, food additives, air pollution, tobacco,
pesticides, and the water we drink.

Q   How often should we use the system?
A   It is recommended that the system be used either once a week for
the first 6 weeks or twice a week for the first 3 weeks.  A maintenance
program is based on individual needs.

Q   Will it remove medication from my body?
A   No, vitamins and medications are not removed.  Eccrine sweat
contains only POST Metabolic products.  That means that only excess
or already metabolized, and no longer needed chemicals, minerals and
metabolites are eliminated.

Q   Where are all the colors coming from?  I thought sweat was
A   Sweat is colorless, but the cocktail of toxins from the body, along
with the water, and the array all contribute to the variability of colors.

Q   What specific toxins are in the water after a session?
A  The Eccrine sweat that comes from the feet is composed of water
and sodium, potassium lactate acid, ammonia, serine, ornithine,
citrulline, aspartic acid, heavy metals, organic compounds, and
proteolytic enzymes.  The following link to the American Academy of
Dermatology confirms this. http://www.aad.

Q  What does a session consists of?
A   A 30 minute relaxing foot bath where you can sit back and listen to
soothing music or read your favorite book or magazine, meditate,
whatever gives you pleasure.

Q   How much does a session cost and who do I contact?
A   The investment to better health is as follows:        
Contact:  Lisa O’Brien 856-261-0554

First session is only $20.00
Single sessions for $40.00 each
6 session package for $210.00   ($30.00 savings)
10 session package for $325.00  ($75.00 savings)
It is recommended to have at least 6-10 sessions for optimum results